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Subsidiary specialized in high quality painting and coating systems for industry, steel and hydraulic engineering as well as in many special fields.
Knuchel Farben AG's well-known brand for building protection products. Serves as a secondary brand, where an independent appearance should be possible.
Chemical-technical products, raw materials, additives

18.1    Chemical-technical products

617 Transkin
High quality liquid transkin oil for leather conservation. Nourishes, cares for and protects smooth leather and makes it soft and supple again and additionally impregnates it.
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601 Leather
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602 Momentary
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belt adhesion oil
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18.2    Splitting agent

flocculant powder AQ
The AQUASTATIC is a universally applicable flocculation powder. It forms macro-flocs and thus easily filterable sludges in one step, as the electrically charged polymers exert attractive forces on the opposite charges of the wastewater pollutants. In addition to polymers, these combined flocculants contain natural alumina (bentonites and ceolites), which has a diverse wastewater treatment effect. One addition of AQUASTATIC as the last step of the wastewater treatment before sludge dewatering is sufficient. AQUASTATIC is also used to destabilize oil emulsions, but also for the adsorption of organic hydrocarbons and precipitation of phosphates, sulphates etc.
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838 PAINTEX 3000
flocculant liquid
Normally, liquid painting is carried out in front of water-sprayed spray walls or in painting cabins. In any case, the paint overspray is converted into an aqueous phase and must be removed from this phase again in order to be able to circulate the water. For this purpose PAINTEX coagulant is added to the circulating water. The detackified paint particles are then separated from the water in a calming zone by adding flocculants and discharged. Substances polluting the sprinkling water, such as solvent-containing or water-miscible paint particles and other organic and inorganic substances are coated and coagulated and can thus be removed from the system. At the same time the solvents in the circulating water are bound absorptively. The amount of circulating water is thus increased considerably, and disposal and cleaning costs are significantly reduced.
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concentrate W-90
Odour destroying concentrate. Dosage 0,2 % to 0,4 %.
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18.3    Additives

drying accelerator WV-500
BLENDA® is a drying accelerator for aqueous facade paints. BLENDA® drying accelerator WV-500 extends painting times in outdoor areas in climatic, critical conditions such as high humidity, low temperatures and weather changes to rain.
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790 Painter
For accelerating the drying of paints and oil-containing binders and for dry activation of old synthetic resin paints.
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delay addition
CREAFECT increases the application time for final coats of decorative and effect work such as sponge, glaze or structure techniques. Suitable for all aqueous products. Addition: up to 2,5 % of the finished colour.
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oIL varnish
Elastifying additive for the final coat of synthetic resin enamel paints on wood in exterior applications.
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anti-silicone LH
For the addition of solvent-containing lacquers in the event of silicone problems. Do not add more than 1 %.
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hammer blow developer
Additive for the enlargement of the hammer blow effect. Addition: 0,3 %
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