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Subsidiary specialized in high quality painting and coating systems for industry, steel and hydraulic engineering as well as in many special fields.
Knuchel Farben AG's well-known brand for building protection products. Serves as a secondary brand, where an independent appearance should be possible.
Insulating colours, impregnations, anti-graffiti / Anti-graffiti

2430 GEIGER anti-graffiti finish

Anti Graffity Finish is a sacrificial protection system for absorbent surfaces that dries matt. It is a pore-lined and highly breathable protective coating that must be partially renewed after the paint smears have been removed. At the same time, Anti Graffity Finish prevents water and pollutants from penetrating into the substrate. The material is silicone- and wax-free and can therefore be painted over at any time. After a period of 4?5 years, the system must be renewed. Anti Graffity Finish can be applied to all absorbent surfaces such as facades, plasters, full thermal insulation, concrete, clinker, natural stone, marble, wood, etc. Not suitable for hydrophobic and water-repellent surfaces. Surfaces which are exposed to (rearward) moisture penetration should not be coated (e.g. free-standing walls).
Article-No Designation Content SU Packaging unit Piece
2430.24100.10 colourless 10 lt (1) canister 
2430.24010.1 colourless 1000ml (6) bottle 

Danger and safety instructions: 2430 GEIGER anti-graffiti finish

EUH208: May produce an allergic reaction.
EUH210: Safety data sheet available on request.
P101: If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand.
P102: Keep out of reach of children.
P103: Read label before use.