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SILFA Paints and Varnishes

42    SILFA Paints and Varnishes

siloxane room paint
SILFASIL is a matt, water-dilutable wall and ceiling matt paint for interior use. The advantages such as high opacity, high yield as well as the odourless, drip and deposit-free (thixotropic setting) processing make SILFASIL a popular and economical solution. SILFASIL Coatings dry out without leaving a trace, are extremely washable and abrasion-resistant – and remain breathable, low tension and resistant to yellowing.
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interior matt paint
SILFADUR is a scrub-resistant, cloth mat, solvent-based but low-odour ceiling mat paint for interior use. Due to the thixotropic setting, SILFADUR can be processed drip- and batch-free. SILFADUR has an enormously high covering power and insulating effect against water, smoke and nicotine stains. The cloth-mat surfaces remain breathable and low-tension. Due to its excellent adhesion and hardening effect, SILFADUR is also ideal for problematic renovations, such as those involving glue paint residues.
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11100 SILFA
universal bonding primer
SILFA is a solvent-based, fast-drying adhesion promoter for economical renovation work in exterior and interior areas. SILFA produces extremely filling, elastic and well running coatings with excellent edge coverage, high opacity and insulating effect.
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2K-EP floor and wall paint
SILFAQUA is a cold-curing 2-component epoxy paint which contains water instead of solvent. SILFAQUA meets the highest standards of hygiene, durability and abrasion resistance and offers excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, mineral oils, fuels, diluted acids and alkalis, lime solutions, etc. SILFAQUA is non-flammable, low-odour and pleasant to work with.
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natural oil glaze
SILFATROL is a transparent and open-pored oil-impregnation glaze for refinement and wood preservation for exterior use. SILFATROL penetrates deep into the wood, has a water-repellent and moisture-regulating effect (open-pored) and brings out the natural wood structure and grain particularly well. To achieve effective protection against wood-destroying organisms, SILAXOL should be used as a primer.
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acrylic-PU spray paint silk matt
SILFAQUA is a low-pollutant, water-dilutable and low-odor polyurethane acrylic paint. A highly weatherproof and permanently elastic polymer film is formed, which neither cracks nor flakes off if the paint is applied in the right way. SILFAQUA is breathable, water and chemical resistant, combined with very high light fastness, chalking resistance and color stability. SILFAQUA shows a very high block resistance after drying in the temperature range of 20–40 °C.
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1K-PUR sealing lacquer
SILFAQUA is a water-dilutable, low-odour sealing lacquer on a polyurethane resin basis. The result is an extremely tough-elastic, wear-resistant and non-yellowing sealant for parquet flooring and other highly stressed interior wooden surfaces. SILFAQUA has a very high abrasion resistance and the resistance to water, alcohol and household chemicals is excellent.
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2K-PUR sealing lacquer
SILFAQUA is a water-dilutable, low-odour 2-component sealing varnish based on polyurethane acrylate resin. The result is an extremely tough-elastic, wear-resistant and non-yellowing sealant with very high weather and light resistance. SILFAQUA has an extremely good abrasion resistance and the resistance to water, alcohol and household chemicals is excellent.
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2K-PUR anti-graffiti
SILFAQUA is a film-forming, water-dilutable and transparent 2-component polyurethane protective paint for exterior and interior use. SILFAQUA forms a permanent surface film with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance and prevents spray paint, felt-tip pens and other contaminants from adhering to it. SILFAQUA has excellent light and weather stability, prevents the penetration of water and pollutants and shows excellent resistance to diluted chemicals, detergents, hand perspiration, hydraulic oils, oils, greases, etc. SILFAQUA coatings can be cleaned easily and repeatedly with GEIGER anti-graffiti cleaner without the need to renew the protective coating or to change the color.
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